Custom & Bespoke Clothing

After 4-6 weeks, it's time for your first fitting. We’ll discuss the little details to ensure the fit is perfect — showing the desired amount of shirt cuff, having a comfortable break on the trouser, etc. Alterations typically take one week. You walk out in love with us.

Fitting & love


We take almost as many measurements as we have fabrics. Not really, but go with it. Our eye for subtleties in measurements, like differences in position and slope of your shoulders, or if one bicep or calf is larger than the other, is what makes our clothing better.



The intended use of the garment, shape of your body, and personal preferences are key in our design process. Everything is customizable. From the lapel and pocket styles, to the color of stitching on buttonholes, you have control. But don't worry! We'll walk you through everything to create the most flattering look.

Go over design options


We have a lot of fabrics. Probably far too many. But we'll help guide you into the one that's just right for you. Choose from Scabal, Holland & Sherry, Dormeuil, Loro Piana, Ermenegildo Zegna, Vitale Barberis, and more.

Select your fabric with our help


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The GPS Custom Clothing Process

We get it, you don't have to wear a suit all the time. For when you do, there’s nothing like having a garment designed and tailored just for you. It’s fun, your confidence skyrockets, and you will be addicted. So stand out amongst the hoodies and baggy khakis in the office, and show that you have fun and care about how you look. Versatility is key with custom suits now, and we do it better than anyone. It’s why we design our garments so you can wear them as a suit, the jacket on its own, or just the trousers. Oh yea, every GPS garment is handmade and fully canvassed. 

If it’s for your wedding or a special event, there isn’t a better team you could work with. Need proof? Check out Wedding GPS. Literally, no one puts in the thought and passion for your special event more than we do.

Really Ridiculously good looking suits

Custom Suits by GPS

Ah, our sartorial journey has led us to the point of desiring the absolute perfection that is bespoke. To us, there isn’t much else more luxurious than a bespoke suit. Every specification is made for you. There won’t be another suit like it, anywhere. It's cool.

After the initial consultation and design session, your first fitting will be in garment of a basic fabric (muslin or similar cloth, not the fabric of the final garment), and don’t be surprised when it’s placed on you in pieces. Here, we can adjust details such as the lapel and pocket widths and placement, separation between buttons, all the way down to the type of handmade stitching used to complete buttonholes. After multiple fittings, we will create the final garment for you to try on. At this point, it will be near perfect, and any final changes will be within an 1/8” of the desired finished measurements.

For those who say "F-You, haters," without speaking

Bespoke Suits by GPS

Whether you need a garment for your wedding or any formal celebration, GPS will create something memorable. You will be the best dressed person in the room, though we can’t guarantee that because if there’s another person in GPS, then it’s on you.

From a classic black tuxedo to a spectacular dinner jacket, we’ll help you stand out in the best way possible. It all begins with an idea. Whatever it is, GPS can bring your dream to life. From thousands of fabrics, to numerous design options for formalwear, the possibilities are endless. We can even do a custom interior jacket lining to commemorate what’s most important to you. You want tails? We can do tails. You want piping along the lapel? We can do it, but we may try to talk you out of it. Don’t know what tails or piping are? We’ll teach you everything at your appointment.

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Custom EveningWear by GPS

Why are blazers and sports jackets are the perfect option for the modern wardrobe? As workplaces and events continue to be more casual, a jacket can instantly elevate most looks to stylish. When you want to look better than everyone else without much effort, a jacket is a no brainer.

When it comes to blazers and sports jackets, you can have a little fun, even if it’s for the office. From fun and wild interior linings, to different color buttons and threads, we work with you to create a garment that is uniquely you. Remember it’s your journey, do it how you want to, and show people your personality.

Our jackets are the bee's knees

Custom Blazers & Jackets by GPS

Custom dress shirts will change your life. With more than 1,000 shirt fabrics, and countless collar, button, and thread combinations, we can make any shirt for any occasion: the perfect business shirt, an elegant formal shirt, a summer short-sleeve button down with a fun print, anything. We’ll also make sure you know how to properly take care of them and what to pair them with — which suit, which tie, etc.

What's that? You only do Zoom calls now? We offer custom polos, t-shirts, henleys, and a whole lot more so you can keep it cool casual on your calls.

It’s hard to describe the feeling you get after putting on a custom shirt, where every measurement is just right, and yet, you still feel comfortable. No more sacrificing.

"Just on Zoom now" isn't an excuse, wear a nice shirt

Custom shirts by GPS

What good is a beautiful outfit if you don't have the right shoes? People may not notice if you have average shoes, but they will absolutely notice and compliment your GPS pair.

With manufacturers in Italy and Spain, we offer endless possibilities of stunning, custom and ready-made shoes that are beautifully handmade. Unique, comfortable, and luxurious, these shoes will last you a lifetime. The main problem with our shoes is that they are extremely addicting. It's unlikely you stop at one, or two, or ten.

Want a matching belt, bag, briefcase, cigar case, wallet, etc.? No problem. We offer leathergoods in all of our custom leathers and skins as well. 

Walk a mile in GPS shoes? Yes, please.

Custom shoes by GPS

We also offer a guaranteed, 2-week delivery for an additional cost on select fabrics and shoes. So if you’re in a pinch, but still need to look great, we have you covered. We'll work on your procrastination later.

(2 weeks)


Our turnaround time is one of the quickest around.  Our standard turnaround time ensures you will have your garments and shoes in 4-6 weeks, depending on the origin of the fabric.


Super Fast Turnaround times

(4-6 weeks)