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With over 4,000 fabrics to choose from — including collections from Dormeuil, Scabal, Holland & Sherry, Ermenegildo Zegna, Ariston, and Reda — we have what you’re looking for. We have that perfect shade of blue for your first custom suit, or that great plaid you’ve been trying to add to your wardrobe. Have a specific fabric in mind? Get in touch.

We understand that too many fabrics can be overwhelming. GPS is here to guide you into the perfect fabric, the one that’s perfect just for you. We listen to what you want, how you want it to feel and what you are trying to portray to the world, and make it easier to choose by providing our expert opinion, experience and advice.

Consultation — design

The intended use of the garment, shape of your body, and personal preferences are key in the design process. We are the best at understanding and realizing those pieces, and design your garment to reflect that. As your GPS, we will guide you through each design element, and provide input along the way to create the most flattering look possible.

Everything is customizable. From the lapel and pocket styles, to the color of stitching on buttonholes and the type of closure on the trousers, you have control. It all starts by setting up your one-on-one consultation. We can meet with you at your home, office, or the beautiful Union League Club of Chicago. Available for travel.


Consultation — measurements

We do custom and bespoke clothing, meaning you won’t find try-on’s and someone standing in front of a screen adding or subtracting numbers based off a pre-existing template. Your measurements will create a pattern to be cut by expert tailors.

Our eye for subtleties in measurements, posture and body positioning is what makes us better. We note the little details like position and slope of your shoulders, or if one bicep or calf is larger than the other. Little details make a big difference in the outcome.


After 4 to 6 weeks, your custom garment will arrive and we set up your fitting to try it on. Then, we’ll discuss the little details to ensure the fit is perfect — showing the desired amount of shirt cuff, having a comfortable break on the trouser, etc.

Alterations are typically completed in one week or less. We’re excited for you to start wearing your custom clothing and don’t want to keep you waiting any longer.